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Director/ Writer/Creator/Producer


Dana Morgan is an award winning director and has received recognition for her many theater works and Going Up? The Series, TV Pilot. She is inspired by puppetry, theater, stunts, special effects and the talented influences she has worked with throughout the years. Dana thinks outside the box and strives to develop innovative ways to incorporate puppetry among her projects. She thrives to deliver a happy work environment, encouraging new ideas, and expressing ones individual talent in all areas of production.


Dana Morgan continues to create, write and direct new projects.  In addition, she co owns Going Up? Productions, LLC  , a woman owned full service film production company that also provides location liaison services throughout Staten Island. 


 'Dana is amazing! "Going Up?" was founded out of her noble intentions, and she saw to it's successful completion on-schedule despite the obstacles that arose. I am very proud of the work we created under her direction and enjoyed the process immensely. I look forward to working with her many times in the future!'-Brandon Hardy

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